Do what you love.

Your business is what you love.  It might be engineering, writing, a restaurant, renewable energy, cupcakes, social change, phone apps, stationery, winemaking, literacy, games, cabinets, potato cannons, finance, aligned chakras, or oil on canvas.  Maybe you’re an expert in accounting, landscaping, Japanese poetry, building houses, transmissions, medicine, performance, insurance or massage.  Maybe you make the software that runs these other businesses, or the machines that make the software, or the cupcakes that feed the machines that make the software…you get the point.  You do what you love.

Us too.

We love to listen, investigate, question, understand, analyze and learn.  We love to be challenged and to solve problems.  We love answering legal questions, and figuring out the best, most efficient way to legally get you where you want to go with your business.

We’re lawyers.  We can work with you to understand the legal landscape surrounding you and your business.  We want to explain the legal side of where you’ve been, and give you the tools to make an informed decision about where you want to go.  We want to be part of your team, so that you can focus on catering or cabinets or whatever it is you love.

We suspect we’re a lot like you.  If we sound like we might be your kind of lawyer, give us a call.

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